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Paving & Patching


Whether it is commercial or residential paving, Vaughan Paving and Sealcoating LLC is the name you can trust! There are many paving companies out there but not many you can trust! Vaughan makes sure you are getting the job you need. Vaughan is a family business with no hired salesmen. When you call Vaughan, a family member comes out to meet with you and treats you like family. No pushy salesmen to talk you into something you don’t need! Many companies try to sell you useless work just to steal your money. Many companies will sell you 3” of asphalt and only give you ½” and next year your investment has to be redone. Vaughan’s reputation proves that they give the customer the right amount of material and the job they deserve every time. Vaughan Sealcoating and Paving LLC also does asphalt maintenance so if they feel your asphalt can be saved they will offer that rather than repaving

Vaughan Sealcoating and Paving LLC have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in equipment each year to stay on top of the asphalt industry. Vaughan is equipped to do any job and in a timely fashion.   Our asphalt services include new installation, resurfacing, patching, milling, saw cutting, street sweeping, grading, stone work, excavation work, drainage, Belgium block work, speed bumps, curbs, and concrete work. If you need something not listed please don’t hesitate to call us! We are the paving experts and can accommodate your needs!


Did you know broken asphalt or potholes do not necessarily mean that you have to replace your entire driveway or parking lot?  Vaughan will evaluate the damaged area and give you several options to repair it. When it comes to patching Vaughan offers saw cutting and removing asphalt or milling the asphalt. Vaughan has two different sizes of milling machines. Milling machines are usually used on commercial work to repair large areas.  Once the base is exposed Vaughan can determine the cause of the problem area and repair it. Many times the base has been compromised and needs to be removed and new quarry process stone installed.

Sometimes the problem is water under the base pushing through the asphalt. In these cases we can add water fabric before installing asphalt. Once the area is repaired Vaughan will add 3” of asphalt and compact the area so it is flush with surrounding asphalt. The final and most important step is to apply hot tar around the patch. This ensures the area is water tight. This is important because water is in most cases the cause of the problem! Vaughan always recommends sealcoating the asphalt and surrounding asphalt so the entire area looks new again! Patching and sealcoating will give you beautiful new looking asphalt for a fraction of the price to repave!