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Frequently Asked Questions:

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page. Here you will find quick answers to common question regarding our services, sealcoating and paving processes, as well as general information that clients have inquired about in the past. If you have a question that isn’t answered here, please feel free to contact us.

We recommend resealing asphalt pavement every two to three years depending on how much wear and tear it gets from traffic, weather and climate changes. Being proactive in preventing damage is always the best and most cost-effective plan.

This is a very important consideration when choosing a sealcoating company. At Vaughan, we clean out all of the cracks and fill them with with Crafco hot rubberized tar crack filling material that expands and contracts as the ground temperature changes. Not all providers do that. Filling the cracks with sand or roofing tar WILL NOT protect your asphalt.

Oil spots may cause the sealcoating to have a different value from the rest of the asphalt. At Vaughan we apply an oil spot primer to lessen the variation, however, we do not guarantee that the spots will not show through to some degree.

YES! Sand is a very important element for both commercial and residential asphalt projects as it gives traction and durability to the seal. We use three pounds of sand per gallon of concentrated sealer. We use the best quality materials to ensure the longest lasting results.

Absolutely. Vaughan Sealcoating uses top-of-the-line equipment to demolish, grade, repave and seal your parking lot, walkway or driveway. When we come to do your estimate and inspect your asphalt, we will determine whether repair or repaving is the best course of action. We also welcome new construction commercial and residential projects.

Many commercial and residential properties have decorative landscaping surrounding their asphalt surfaces. The skilled professionals at Vaughan know how to work around all these elements. We will sealcoat carefully by hand in appropriate areas and NEVER just spray up to the borders. In fact we guarantee that no materials will get on your landscaping elements. We do spray your sealer along the grass edges of your asphalt, so there will be a slight amount of sealer on the grass.  This is very common and WILL NOT affect the life of your grass in the future.  A week after we complete your job, you will never know it was there.

We subscribe to a local weather station and monitor the weather very closely. In the rare event that is rains before the material completely dries, simply inspect your pavement for discolored areas that may have dried lighter than other areas due to washing out.  Call our office and we will be out ASAP to reseal the affected areas. If the areas are too bad we will respray the driveway free of charge! From start to finish we take the worrying out of everything!

No. We work according to your parking lot schedule. If the lot is full all day every day we will work overnight. For larger jobs, we can do it in sections, closing just part of the lot at one time. We also work with your company to ensure we do not interfere with traffic or cause an inconvenience.

We typically do not require a deposit. We do offer payment programs such as half down and the balance upon job completion or we can accommodate companies that require a 60-day wait for payment. So there’s no need to worry about us disappearing on a job. We get paid when your project is completed to your satisfaction.

The best time of the year to sealcoat your driveway is anywhere from May to the end of October when the temperatures are above 50 degrees. It’s good to schedule as early as possible to ensure faster drying times and to avoid the cool nights and unpredictable weather in the late fall.

We ask that you please clear the driveway of any vehicles or other items by 7 am for the crew to begin work. It is not necessary to power wash. We will sweep away all leaves and debris. Once completed, we recommend that you stay off of your driveway for 24 to 48 hours.  You will notice within hours that the material has changed color and dried. That means it is safe to walk on but not drive on due to the risk of tire marks.  In the case of shaded driveways, we highly recommend that you keep them blocked off and free of traffic for 48 hours at least.

You do not need to be home during the sealcoating process. Our crew will rope off the driveway and leave detailed instructions. If you plan on being out you can leave us a check in a designated spot or make other arrangement to get payment to us.

We recommend staying off of fresh asphalt for seven days. It also is a good idea to apply topsoil right up to the edges of the fresh asphalt to give it stability.

Yes. We offer many plans to accommodate different needs. We can do a seasonal contract, per storm contract or per push contract.

We do; and here is why we can. We have a Vaughan on-site at every job to ensure the process goes smoothly and your questions get answered. We also use the best products on the market and, in all of our years in business, have never encountered an unhappy customer. If for any reason you have a question or concern about your project, call the office and courteous staff will send someone out to help ASAP.

Our signs are a key part of our marketing. We proudly display our name on every job we complete. Leaving these signs up helps us grow our company and will show everyone that you chose a quality company to work on your property. We typically like to leave them up for a week and a half to two weeks before coming back to collect them.  Please do not throw them away, if for any reason you do not want them in your yard, let the office know and we will gladly remove them.