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Catch Basin Repair

Catch Basin Overview

Catch basins (or storm basins) are primarily used to collect pavement runoff and act as a junction for a storm drain system. Catch basins are constructed of concrete blocks and mortar. Over time the blocks and mortar deteriorate. Sometimes several blocks will just fall out of the basin causing holes in the basin walls. Most times a complete layer of blocks will fall out of the structure leaving the metal frame on top very loose.  Once the basin has blocks missing this creates a place for the adjacent sub-base to escape causing potholes around the catch basin.

Vaughan Sealcoating and Paving LLC inspects every catch basin on a property as a precaution to the client. Many times failed catch basins go overlooked causing serious injury to people. It has been known that people, trucks, animals, etc can fall through a broken catch basin causing very serious injuries! A broken catch basin is the most serious repair on a property and one that Vaughan Sealcoating and Paving takes very seriously.

In order to fix the catch basin we start by removing the metal grate and frame on top. We then saw cut several feet of asphalt around the basin. Once the asphalt is removed we dig down as far as necessary around the basin to expose all broken blocks. Someone will get in the catch basin and clean the entire inside out. Many times if the basin has been broken for a long time it can have several feet of dirt and debris in the bottom of it. Once the broken blocks are removed and the basin is cleaned we start the rebuilding process. We use a variety of different sized blocks depending on the basins needs. We add new mortar with strengthener in it so the rebuilt basin is as strong as possible. Once the new blocks are installed and mortar is added  and set up, we fill around the basin with fresh qp stone. Once compacted we patch the area in with fresh hot asphalt and it is as good as new!